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The Royal Navy and the Malta and Russian Convoys, 1941-1942. By Christopher Page (Editor). Frank Cass Publishers ; ISBN: 0714652849
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Paperback - 48 pages (July 2002) 
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Military aviation in Malta GC, 1915-1993. By John F. Hamlin. GMS Enterprises. ISBN: 1870384253 
'Military Aviation in Malta G.C. 1915 - 1993' is a hardback book, containing 256 pages, broken down into Chapters on individual airfields; each fully detailed with specially comn-iissioned maps. It is profusely illustrated with over 360 photographs and illustrations, many of which have been tracked down, located and obtained on loan from private collections and therefore have never appeared in print before.

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Hardcover - 256 pages (1994) 
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Royal Navy at Gibraltar by Tito Benady, Helen Sharp (Illustrator), George Felipes (Illustrator). Gibraltar Bks; ISBN: 0948466286 
No information available yet.

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Hardcover 2nd revised edition (15 November, 1993) 
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RAF Gibraltar by Tony Fairbairn. Tempus Publishing; ISBN: 0752423525 
Even the most seasoned traveller could not fail to be impressed by that-time, ground-level view of the Rock of Gibraltar 1,300ft of sheer limestone towering majestically over the airfield’s asphalt acres. The impressive grey cliff face is indented with a handful of viewing galleries from some of the thirty plus miles of tunnels which honeycomb the Rock, and the view from the top is unforgettably panoramic. Gibraltar’s key position at the entrance of the Mediterranean has resulted in a pronounced, but not exclusive, maritime flavour to a military air activity here, in addition to a parallel role as a civilian airport. 

The airfield you see today is built on what used to be Gibraltar racecourse and it was from the original equestrian venue that the first aircraft took to the air in 1915. It was in 1942 that RAF Gibraltar sprang to prominence and air activity reached an all time high, for that year saw Operation TORCH the allied invasion of North Africa, in which the Station would play a leading part. In contrast to the peaks and troughs of military activity, civilian flying tends to be less hectic and more even-paced. Pride of place in the annals of Gibraltar as a civil airport must go to the local airline, Gibraltar Airways. 

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Paperback - 128 pages (1 March, 2002) 
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Air War Italy 1944-1945.  Nick Beale, Ferdinando D'Amico, Gabriele Valentini. Airlife Publishing; ISBN: 1853102520. Our Price: £21.21.  RRP: 
An account of the Luftwaffe and their allies, the Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana, from the liberation of Rome to the Axis surrender in Italy. It covers not only fighter combats, but also an Italian torpedo attack on Gibraltar, clandestine agent-dropping, and radar bombing of a British HQ. 

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Hardcover - 232 pages (May 1996)
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Courage Alone: The Italian Air Force 1940-1943. By Chris Dunning. Hikoki Publications; ISBN: 1902109023. Our Price: £29.95  RRP: 
Book about the the Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana and their attacks on the Allies n the Mediterranean. Includes informaion about the battles with the Royal Navy aircrfat carriers and the Fleet Air Arm at Malta.

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Hardcover - 272 pages (June 1998) 
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Air War for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete 1940-41  . By Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia , Grub Street; ISBN: 0948817070. Our Price: £21.25   RRP: 
The air battle for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete began in June 1940 with the Italian declaration of war. In the past, there has been much controversy amongst air historians on many of the details of the operations. It was here, for example, that "Pat" Pattie believed by many to be the Royal Air Force's "unknown" top-scoring fighter pilot of the whole war, saw most of his action. Just how many kills did he achieve and how? Taken from extensive research into available British, Italian and German records, and interviews and correspondence with survivors or relatives of those present, this book seeks to provide an accurate portrait of the air war for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete from 1940-41. 

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Hardcover - 450 pages Reissue  (March 1999) 
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Malta: the Hurricane Years 1940-41. By Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia ., Grub Street; ISBN: 0948817062 Our Price: £21.25   RRP: 
The long battle for Malta began in June 1940 with the Italian declaration of war on the Allies and the decision of the Axis powers to subdue the island in order to control the Mediterranean. This work provides a detailed day-by-day account of the air battles over land and sea until the end of 1941.

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Hardcover - 457 pages (31 December, 1990) 
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Malta: The Spitfire Years. By Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia. Grub Street; ISBN: 094881716X. Our Price: £27.63 .   RRP: 
Book about the airwar over Malta.

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Hardcover - 704 pages (1999) 
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Malta Convoys, 1940-1943. By Richard Woodman. John Murray; ISBN: 0719557534. Our Price: £24.00 
From the day Mussolini's Italy declared war on Britain in June 1940, the island of Malta was under siege. Its strategic importance was obvious to both sides, standing as it did in the central Mediterranean, athwart the supply route between Italy and the Axis armies in North Africa. It had therefore to be bombed out of existence by the Axis
powers, and preserved at all costs by the British. This is a review of the contest of air-power against sea-power, written by a professional sea-farer. It emphasizes the part played by the Merchant Navy. This very well-written book represents a clever integration of historical overview, strategic summary, and personal reminisces from those who fought. Covering the period 1940-43, the author first looks at the naval forces involved prior to the Malta campaign. He then goes on to consider the campaign in detail - looking at the different Operations and Convoys that comprised it, and taking in the personal accounts of those who served. The battles of Calabria, Matapan and the two battles of Sirte are also described.

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Hardcover - 552 pages (13 April, 2000) 
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Supreme Gallantry; Malta's role in the Allied Victory 1939-1945 . By Tony Spooner . John Murray; ISBN: 0719557062 Our Price: £21.25 
The island of Malta was vital in any Mediterranean campaign in World War II. From this British bastion, Allied bombers, submarines and surface ships attacked and sank many of Rommel's supply ships. This text describes the attacks made from Malta. 

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Hardcover - 369 pages (10 October, 1996)
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Faith, Hope and Malta GC. By Tony Spooner. Newton Publishers; ISBN: 1872308503. Our Price: £16.95 
This bookk focuses on the Air war in Malta and is named after the three fabled Gloster Galdiators from HMS Glorious which "saved" the Island.

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Hardcover (May 1992) 
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Malta Convoys 1940-42. By David A. Thomas. Pen & Sword Books / Leo Cooper; ISBN: 0850526639. Our Price: £16.96 
The island fortress of Malta and the hostile waters of the Mediterranean saw some of the most savage air/sea battles of modern war, and the Royal Navy and the fleet Air Arm formed thebrunt of this defence. Malta, snuggled so close to the Italian mainland, seemed doomed. However, while many in Britain wrote it off, the islanders were gripped with a determination to resist. And the Navy grasped that in
Malta it had an unsinkable aircraft carrier. Woodman details the deadly chess game of submarines, shipping and aircraft, mines and weather, soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians, as both sides sought to protect or sever one another's supply lines. Possession of Malta was crucial to the warfare raging in North Africa. Whoever controlled the island could dominate the Mediterranean, and hence the oil of the Middle East, and the entry to the Suez Canal. Failing to seize it ahead of Crete was one of Hitler's major errors of the war. That Britain maintained a garrison there was almost an accident - a fortunate happenstance which probably dictated the outcome of the North African conflict and eventually exposed the Axis Powers to a third Front in Italy. Densely packed with information, this is an excellent source book for anyone interested in the North African campaign or naval/convoy warfare in WW2. Malta's role has always been understated: this book goes some way to restoring it to strategic importance, and does so without ignoring the human dimension of its determined population and defenders. 

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Hardcover - (1 May, 1999)
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Pedestal; the Malta Convoy of August 1942. By Peter C. Smith. Crecy Publishing. ISBN 0947554777
The convoy that saved Malta. Based on British, German and Italian records, Pedestal is a detailed account of one of the greatest convoy operations of the 2nd World War. In August 1942 Malta was bravely resisting every onslaught of the Axis powers, but food and fuel supplies were  running desperately low. Fourteen merchant ships were allocated to Pedestal. The Royal Navy provided the strongest escort for any convoy which included four aircraft carriers, two battleships and a host of cruisers and destroyers. Against this force which had to sail into the very jaws of the enemy were ranged the whole fighting strengths of the German and Italian air forces in the
Mediterranean and the Italian Navy. The resulting battle was among the fiercest air/sea battles of World War II. Although the convoy suffered grievous losses enough ships got through to save the island. This is the most detailed and accurate account of that battle written and contains a host of eyewitness detail to back up official records of the action. 

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Softcover -256 pages (1999) 
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Battle Over Malta: Aircraft Losses and Crash Sites 1940-42. Anthony Rogers. Sutton Publ. ISBN: 075092392X
From 1940 to 1942, supremacy of the skies over Malta
was bitterly contested by the RAF, the Regia Aeronautica and the Luftwaffe. Victory was eventually achieved, but at great cost, by the RAF together with Malta-based ground forces, the Royal Navy and the Mercantile Marine. The desperate air battles have since passed into legend, epitomized by the early exploits of a few Royal Navy Sea Gladiator biplane fighters, taken over by the RAF and
immortalized as "Faith," "Hope" and "Charity." More than a thousand aircraft of all types were lost before the fighting was over. Many crashed into the Mediterranean, and others fell on Malta itself. Anthony Rogers has painstakingly researched the background to nearly 200 of these crashes,
interviewing eyewitnesses and surviving aircrew, to provide a unique record of events. 

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Hardcover - (2000) 
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The Air Battle for Malta. Lord James Douglas-Hamilton. Airlife Publishing; ISBN: 1840371455. List Price: £9.99.  Our Price:£7.99 
This work provides an account of the struggle for possession of Malta, a fight to the death which lasted two-and-a-half years, during which time 14 000 tons of bombs were dropped on a defiant population. It is based largely on the diaries of Lord David Douglas-Hamilton, the author's uncle, who was sent out to Malta as a Spitfire Squadron Leader at a time when the island was sustaining heavier bombing than London at the height of the Blitz, and the Axis forces were preparing for invasion. The author's scrupulous research, combined with his uncle's authoritative viewpoint, recreates the period, the comradeship and the grimness of life on the beleagured island. 
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Paperback - 150 pages [New Ed.] (February 2000)
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Spitfires Over Sicily . By  Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia, Frederick Galea. Grub Street; ISBN: 1902304322  Our Price: £14.39 
This text provides a day-by-day historical account of Spitfire
operations in Malta during 1943, including those of the USAAF's 31st fighter group. It is interspersed with personal accounts of some of those involved. 

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Hardcover - 240 pages (June 2000) 
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The 'Illustrious' Blitz, Malta in Wartime 1940-1941. Charles J. Boffa. Progress Press Co Ltd; ISBN: 9990930422. Our Price: £8.95 
During World War II, the lives of those on Malta wre engulfed by great and dramatic events. One of thse was the epic of HMS Illustrious when she was bombed with unrelenting fury at H.M. Dockyards, Malta in January 1941.

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Paperback - 110 pages (31 July, 1995) 
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The War in the Mediterranean. Brassey's UK; ISBN: 1574881302 . Our Price: £21.25 
Following the Allies through their fierce battles for North Africa, the Middle East, Italy and Southern France, this volume - along with "The War Against Japan" and "The War Against Germany" - constitutes the US Army's official pictorial record of World War II. This is the story of the joint invasion of North Africa, the American disaster at the Kasserine Pass, Montgomery's and Patton's conquest of Sicily, the controversial Anglo-American landing at Anzio, the rugged mountain battles of Northern Italy and Operation Anvil in Southern France. 

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Hardcover - 465 pages Reissue (February 1997) 
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The Royal Navy at Malta Vol 2: 1907-39 . Ben Warlow . Maritime Books; ISBN:
0907771483. Our Price: £27.00 
This book is the second volume and covers the Royal Navy in Malta 1907-1939

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Hardcover - 144 pages (1990) 
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Fly Navy, edited by Charles Manning. Pen & Sword Books Ltd. ISBN: 0850527325. Our Price: £15.96.  RRP:
To mark the Millennium, 95 members of the Fleet Air Arm Officer's Association have recalled their experiences of over 55 years of post-war naval flying. Fly Navy is a unique and entertaining anthology of flying stories, which will delight all with even a passing interest in service life and aviation.
A 'warts and all' persepective of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm post-Second World War, covering flying operations world-wide and active service in Korea, Malaya, Aden, Borneo, Suez, the Falklands and the Gulf. 95 first-person accounts accompanied by rich array of photographs, many never previously published. Foreword by HRH Prince Andrew, himself a Sea King pilot in the Falklands.

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Hardcover - 239 pages (1 June, 2000) 
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